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Closed on public holidays
and over 4 day Easter period

What we collect - Lonsdale

Air Conditioners

If you’ve got an old air conditioner that’s reached the end of its life, don’t get hot under the collar - we’ll pay you for it.


We’ll pay cash for off-cuts, wire, cuttings, wheel rims, pots and pans, cast aluminium, aluminium turnings and all the aluminium lying around your backyard or building site.


All types of brass. From mixed Plumbers Brass, 70 / 30 Brass and Honey Brass to Brass Borings, Brass Taps and ornaments.

Cans and Bottles

You can recycle cans, wine, beer, soft drink and fruit juice containers. Remove the lids and make sure all containers are drained and dry!

Car Batteries

Dumping lead car and truck batteries isn’t just illegal – it’s illogical! Bring them to us. We’ll scrap them and pay you cash for them.


Even in this online age, you’d be surprised at how much cardboard and paper can build up. Bring yesterday’s newspapers, as well as your old cereal boxes and your general cardboard waste.


Gold and silver aren’t the only things worth money. We’ll pay you cash for all types of copper including copper wire (plastic and non plastic coated), burnt copper, domestic copper, PVC insulated copper and even armoured copper cable.


It’s amazing how quickly today’s technology gets outdated. Did you know you can recycle your old PCs, laptops, tablets and peripherals?

Electronic Motors

Got an electric motor that has turned over for the last time? We’ll have it. In fact, scrap your all copper electric motor and with the cash you make, you might be able to buy a new one!

Gas Bottles

An out-of-date gas bottle can be dangerous – so please never EVER dump them. You can have your Gas Bottle expertly decommissioned in a safe and secure area on of our locations.

Mobile Phones

If you’ve got a drawer full of old mobile phone, it's time to clean up! When it comes to recycling your mobiles we’d be pleased to recycle them for the environment and your drawer!


We pay cash for all types of radiators. Car radiators. Air-conditioning radiators. Brass, copper and aluminium radiators.

Scrap Metal

From old brass beds to an aluminium frame bike that’s seen better days, there are plenty of metal items that aren’t made from steelthat can be re-cycled.

Scrap Steel

We take all kinds of scrap steel. From light steel (sheet iron, rain water tanks and old steel computer hard drives*), to the heavy duty stuff (thick steel poles, beams and benches).

*we do accept computer monitors

Stainless Steel

We don’t care if your stainless steel is shiny or dull, bent or broken – we’ll take it. Everything from office equipment to kitchen sinks can be scrapped!


Got an old cathode ray telly taking up too much space in your shed? Ready to upgrade to the latest flat screen TV? It’s easy to get rid is these with no dumping costs!

White Goods

If your old appliance is past its use-by-date, don’t give it away or let the delivery guy make money from it. Washing machines, fridges, dryers, microwaves – we pay cash for them all!