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Three handy locations:

76 Daws Rd Edwardstown
59 Oaklands Rd Somerton Pk
114 Mooringe Ave North


Machinery Removal       

We have gained a vast amount of experience in the area of machinery removal and the subsequent relocation of plant and equipment.

We have a full turn key process available that includes:

  • Facilitating the cutting and removal of all types of
    plant & equipment

  • Provide all appropriate lifting equipment and
    transport options

  • Make available a full range of transportation and or
    bin combinations

  • Provide destruction certification for sensitive items

We will generate an income via the scrap metal value of these items being recycled to offset crane, personnel
and other direct costs involved in the removal of plant, machinery and equipment.

We advise close liaison with our representatives to ensure the most cost effective and logical approach is taken to meet your service requirements.

We can supply this service anywhere within the Adelaide metropolitan area and we offer a full range of options to facilitate this type of activity.




We can arrange the removal of old and unwanted machinery.